6.6kW Solar System Price in Melbourne with Battery

6.6kW Solar System Price in Melbourne with Battery

Solar investments are on the rise these days, and solar panel installation is considered one of the most essential environmental investments one can do. Installing the system may also cause you to be concerned about the costs that will be incurred. A variety of things determines the 6.6kw solar system price in Melbourne.

These variables include the system’s size, location, and several grids. If you want to find out the cost of a given grid type and construction, you can do so more easily with us. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll walk you through the entire process. Super Solar is a niche name in the market today, serving to perfection.


What is a 6.6kW Solar System?

Before you can figure out the price, you must first understand what the system is all about. When we talk about the structural components of a 6.6kW solar system, we’re talking about 18 to 24 solar panels.

The solar panels’ wattage mostly determines this. The total package would include 18 to 24 CEC-approved solar panels as well as a 5kW inverter, and it would come with a roof mounting system and an electrical kit.

You might also be wondering whether or not this system is suited for you. We’d first have to calculate your average electrical energy consumption to figure this out.

It becomes vital for you to keep track of your actions regarding where and how you consume electricity to better determine the system’s viability.

If you fail to keep consistency in your planning, all you have to do is have us by your side, and we’ll break it down for you into simple steps.

When it comes to the output provided by 6.6kW, it ranges from roughly 24kwh to around 28kwh. Once you’ve figured out a better way to use the resource and the system efficiently, you can go about reducing energy use.


How much would the 6.6kw solar system cost?

When it comes to pricing, the price is entirely determined by the structure, quantity of panels, grids used, and other considerations.

Our solar solutions range from the most cost-effective to the most advanced. According to a rough estimate of the rates, the 6.6kw solar system price in Melbourne is somewhere between $4491 to $5691.

However, the final cost will be decided by the panel’s size and where it will be put. You can always lock in the best possible deal. You can always go through the process of comparing the best deals to increase your savings.


You Can Have It Done at a Lower Price

At Super Solar, we prioritize quality and provide the best value for your money. You won’t have to worry about the budget with us because we handle everything for you.

Our variety of packages has made solar solutions affordable to people of all socioeconomic classes. Contact us today to get the greatest results and save money with our excellent solutions.

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