Common Mistakes People do While Installing Residential Solar Systems in Victoria

Common Mistakes People do While Installing Residential Solar Systems in Victoria

Power outages may not be a big issue in Australia, one of the most beautiful states, but hefty monthly electricity bills are. That’s why more-n-more Victorians are switching to residential solar systems in Victoria

After all, these systems aren’t just one-time investments but are also helpful to the environment. The blazing heat of Australian summer is well-known to the world. 

But these residential solar systems come to the rescue as they produce green energy without even using fossil fuels. 

If you also plan to install a solar system on your property, go ahead! But wait, there are a few mistakes that people often make when buying this energy source. Here’s what they are that we don’t want you to repeat. 

  • Settling for a DIY Solar System 

One of the silliest mistakes often repeated by folks again and again after purchasing residential solar systems in Victoria is DIY adoption. Many people think that installing a solar system is a process of a few minutes, but that’s a wholly wrong statement. You can’t install the solar system on your own because each new day, a new model combined with new technology is launched in the market. Thus, installing via an expert is an indispensable act you must respect. DIY activities can also put your investment and life at risk, so don’t proceed with the plan. 

  • Can’t Prevent Power Outages

Please remember! Solar Systems can’t prevent power outages entirely. If you think that a sun-powered system will keep energizing your home around the clock, you are wrong, my friend! You will have to secure a power backup, or you need to use a solar-powered generator to ensure you are ready to deal with power outages. It is always recommended to choose bigger solar panels or more panels if you want to power your home the entire day.  

  • Lack of Proper Planning for residential solar systems in Victoria

Frequent mistakes are possible if proper planning isn’t undertaken. Solar systems panels are installed with precautions. A team actively has eyes on every important step which has a direct or indirect relation with good and bad for a solar system set up. Professionals always follow a special procedure and tools to get the set-up process done on time without any complication.  

  • Not Fully Understanding the Warranties

Most times, people don’t understand the warranty period provided by the company for a solar system. If the warranty period is too short or has been offered with some terms and conditions, issues may arrive in the future. Being a savvy investor, you should watch out for the given things in the warranty chit offered by the company. 

  • A 10-year warranty for your solar panels 
  • A 10-year warranty for your inverter 
  • At least a 5-year warranty for the workmanship 

The warranty period for residential solar systems in Victoria can vary, but it shouldn’t be too different from what you have been advised for here.  

  • Not understanding the Design.

The last and often repeated mistake is the improper design of the solar system. Adequately designed solar panels should be the priority that needs to be checked before it’s mounted on the roof. You can consult about the best design and other metrics at Super Solar Energy, which will guide you properly on the best type of design suitable for your residential power-generation needs. 


In the end, we have the last suggestion for you. Always take help from a trusted solar panel installer and not from random folk. These panels require one-time-investment in big figures but deliver long-lasting benefits. That’s why it is always advised to get it installed by professionals like Super Solar Energy. 


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